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What is SCLABA®-Real?

The real-time scratch counting system for laboratory animals SCLABA®-Real Tracking We started to sell SCLABA®-Real Tracking software.

The real-time scratch counting system for laboratory animals “SCLABA®-Real” catches up animal movement at 240 fps by the uniquely-developed high-speed camera embedded an image processor.
Besides, it calculates the area that animals move at every one frame (frame-to-frame difference) in the camera.
SCLABA®-Real is a brand new system that quantifies “itching” by calculating the frequency and duration of scratching behavior automatically and in real time, based on above data.
(Engineering advice by Dr. Ishii Idaku, a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering at Hiroshima University)

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  • Thinner recording platform
    Easy to move and store.
  • Adoption of LED light sheet
    Uniformly irradiated light provides more accurate results.
  • More sophisticated hardware design

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Real time
By introducing the high-speed camera embedded an image processor, the overloading of PC is decreased.
Therefore, it can quantify and analyze scratching behavior in real time.
It is possible to measure scratching in real time for a maximum of 24 hours.
You can verify the data with saved movies.

It was needed to apply or put markers to laboratory animals for traditional methods to quantify scratching behavior.
However, SCLABA®-Real need no markers at all.
This system enables you to evaluate animal behavior in more natural conditions by clearing off marking stresses.

Near-infrared light
Near-infrared lights are embedded into the proprietary recording platform.
It is possible to capture and quantify scratching behavior in the night and dark as well as daytime by using near-infrared light invisible to the animals.

System configuration

SCLABA®-Real system consists of a high-speed camera with an image processor, a near-infrared LED light panel, a video server, a proprietary recording platform with HUB, a PC installed the analysis software.
Recorded movies are sent to PC through the video server and HUB. You can check and verify the results with the dedicated software.

SCLABA®-Real system

Specification of SCLABA®-Real

High-speed camera with an image processor

This camera can capture animal movements at 240 fps.
Embedded CPU enables to calculate the area animals moved (frame-to-frame difference).

Special cage for mice

This cage is designed to take movies up to four mice simultaneously and has enough heights and space not to jump out.

Proprietary recording platform

Dedicated recording platform carries a LED light panel, a video server, and a HUB. The panel emits near-infrared light upward.

- CE compliant

Data of SCLABA®-Real

This system can save the frequency and duration of scratching behavior that are needed to evaluate the severity of the “itch”, with the movies.
You can reanalyze the data any number of times by changing parameters.
Frame-to-frame difference patterns are saved in conjunction with movies, thus you can verify if scratching was extracted adequately by checking both of them. The analyzed data is saved as CSV file.

    <Stored data>
  • Number of scratching
  • Duration of scratching
  • Thumbnail images
  • CSV file
  • Graph of frame-to-frame difference patterns
  • Movies

Thumbnail edit

Frame-to-frame difference patterns


SCLABA®-Real Tracking

This software can measure the locomotor activity of mice by the data and movies of SCLABA®-Real.
You can verify side effects through medication with evaluation of drug efficacy.

Display of the result
and the graph

List of the result

Image display of the result

Movie display of the result




  • Acrylic Cage
    An acrylic cage for capturing animal behavior with SCLABA-Real. Up tp 2 mice can be put.
  • Hydration agar
    Ideal for long-term measurement of scratching behavior.

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