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Noveltec, Inc. was established in Apr. 2002 as a limited private company with the support of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology TLO Co.,Ltd .and became a stock company in Mar. 2005
President Kuniko Matsuda runs this company.



Corporate philosophy

In order to provide higher-quality, healthy lives to people all over the world, we contribute to society with novel technologies and ambitions.

Principles of action

  1. We continue to provide products to meet customers’
    needs using the cutting-edge and novel medical and scientific technologies.
  2. We always challenge to create new values having courage and pride.
  3. We transmit global standards to the world from Japan.
  4. We develop a business in good faith and honorably
    to be a global company which can be trusted by society.
  5. We never forget to thank all customers and respect all people involved with us.
  6. We always carry out business having a reverence for life.
  7. We try to make circumstances in which all employees can live safety and comfortably.

Corporate profile

Company name Noveltec,Inc.
President Shotaro Matsuda
Capital fund ¥ 26 million
Locations [Head office]
1-1-33, Sumiyoshihigashi-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 658-0052, Japan
[Tokyo office]
Room 201, 3-5-8, Saiwaicho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8509, Japan
Description of business Development and sales of behavioral analysis software for animals and humans.
Development and sales of disease model animals.
Development and sales of instruments to evaluate clinical conditions such as electroencephalograph, electrocardiograph and electromyography.
Contracted research to evaluate drug efficacy using disease models.
Data analysis of electric or digital signal including brain waves or electrocardiogram.
Adjustment and sales of cells for experiments.
Development and sales of diagnostic devices.
Category of business Manufacturing and service
Number of employees 7