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New tests to evaluate malignancy for companion animals

We offer new tests to evaluate malignancy for companion animals.

Malignancy has taken first of cause of death of companion animals, especially dogs, in current years. Since the perception of chemotherapy is not enough in veterinary field, many veterinarians might bother selecting the protocol for treatment.
Each animal has different susceptibility to anticancer drug. Thus, if you can appropriately select drugs that have high sensitivity to each malignancy, it will be possible to give efficient tailor-made medicine.

Drug susceptibility test for canine mast cell tumors

Mast cell tumors are frequently seen in the skin of dogs, and they account for 7% to 21% of all canine skin tumors. Although mast cell tumors are highly unpredictable in their biological behavior, gene mutation in juxtamembrane region of c-kit receptor is detected in about 20% of cases. It is known that “imatinib mesylate (product name: Glivec®)” which is one of the molecular-targeted agent is extremely effective in these cases. This testing service detects the mutation of the specific region in the c-kit gene and determine effectiveness of imatinib mesylate.

Service flow

The flow of the testing service

Please download the request form, fill out necessary information, and send it to us via FAX to apply the examination. The collected specimen should be sent in frozen condition immediately. We will report test results within three weeks via FAX. (If you want us to notice them through except FAX, please inform us in advance.)

We prepare the FAX request form of cancer testing service. Click here.(PDF)
This service has been in a great demand recently.
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