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What is GAIT®?

Gait analyzing instrument and software for test animals

When you put animal models with arthritis or intermittent claudication into a running wheel, they present gait abnormalities.
Gait® is the system that detects gait abnormalities by capturing hindlimb movement with the high-speed camera and analyzing images with the special software.
This system is easy to set up. There is no error that is a key problem in behavioral studies with laboratory animals between observers.

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The application of GAIT®

Evaluation of drug efficacy with an arthritis model

You can detect gait abnormality and its severity of an arthritis model in a running wheel.
Until now, joint swelling has been evaluated as an index of the severity of arthritis.
However, GAIT® can quantify subtle abnormalities of walking balance, and detect mild arthritis and drug effects.

Evaluation of drug efficacy with a rodent model for intermittent claudication.

When a rat/mouse with ligation of a hindlimb artery on one side is made to walk in a running wheel, it walks normally at first; however, it presents gait abnormality after a short time.
By quantifying the imbalanced of gait caused by intermittent claudication, it will be possible to evaluate hindlimb ischemia and drug efficacy.

This system also can apply to assess the severity of motility disorder from nerve damage and medicinal benefits.

System configuration

System configuration

Trademark registration number 4928796
patent number 4146222


  • By using the high-speed camera, this system allows you to automatically detect gait abnormalities that were used to be relied on visual observation, and quantify their severity simply and accurately.
  • You can save images and data as CSV files and verify them easily.


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