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What is SCLABA®?


SCLABA® enables you to measure pain and licking behavior captured by a digital video camera rapidly and correctly with easy manipulation. Subjective view of observers does not put in at all if you use this system.
You can confirm if the movement is extracted accurately displaying the saved data in the verification mode.
Results can be saved and imported as CSV files.

The basis of SCLABA®

Trademark registration number 4651183
patent number 3796692

Comparison to existing systems

  • Since it is not needed to put mice materials, SCLABA® can analyze murine behavior with low-stress situation.
  • You can measure up to four mice simultaneously. Analysis images and data can be saved into PC, thus SCLABA® allows you to verify them by playback of recordings.

System parts and the consumable supplies of SCLABA®

The specific recording platform with the high-frequency fluorescence lamp and the dedicated cage for mice.

We provide you the PC with LCD that installed newest CPU, the digital video camera, the proprietary recording platform with high-frequency light, and the dedicated cage for mice as all-in-one package.
We would install the analysis software in the PC before the shipping, however it would take some time to deliver because we would make sure of operation capabilities after build-to-order manufacturing.
For detailed information, please feel free to ask us when ordering.
Specifications and standards of the software and the digital video camera are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned.

  • We adopt a 24 KHz high-frequency fluorescence lamp for lighting.
    Because its flicker is far less than that of general-purpose fluorescent light, the extraction accuracy of the parts painted by markers would increase dramatically.
    The extraction and identification of fluorescence colors (red, yellow, and green) can be also possible using optional black light, so you can capture murine movement during the night.
  • The height of the specific cage is designed for mice not to jump out.
  • When used in combination with the proprietary recording platform, this system is very compact.
※It might take some time to deliver SCLABA® on account of special build-to-order manufacturing,.

Markers for SCLABA®

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