An article relevant to SCLABA®-Real was published in Journal of Dermatology.

Higuchi, H., Tanaka, A., Nishikawa, S., Oida, K., Matsuda, A., Jung, K., Amagai, Y., and Matsuda, H. (2013) Suppressive effect of mangosteen rind extract on the spontaneous development of atopic dermatitis in NC/Tnd mice. J. Dermatol. 40(10):786-796.


An article relevant to?SCLABAR-Real?was published in?Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin.

Amagai, Y., Tanaka, A., and Matsuda, H. (2013) Abnormalities in itch sensation and skin barrier function in atopic NC/Tnd mice. Biol. Pharm. Bull. 36(8):1248-1252.


An article relevant to?GAITR?was published in?BioMed Research International.

Amagai, Y., Tanaka, A., Matsuda, A., Oida, K., Jung, K., Nishikawa, S., Jang, H., Ishizaka, S., and Matsuda, H. (2013) Topical application of ketoprofen improves gait disturbance in rat models of acute inflammation. Biomed. Res. Int.?(in press)


Noveltec will exhibit at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Dermatoallergology and Contact Dermatitis.

Venue: Hotel Nikko Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Japan?
Dates: Nov. 29 (Fri.)-Dec. 1 (Sun.), 2013

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An article relevant to?SCLABAR-Real?was published in?Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Otsuka, A., Doi, H.,?Egawa, G.,?Maekawa, A.,?Fujita, T., Nakamizo, S., Nakashima, C., Nakajima, S., Watanabe, T., Miyachi, Y., Narumiya, S., and Kabashima, K. (2013) Possible new therapeutic strategy to regulate atopic dermatitis through upregulating filaggrin expression. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. (in press)


An article relevant to?SCLABAR-Real?was published in?Gene Therapy.

Watcharanurak, K., Nishikawa, M.,?Takahashi, Y.,?Kabashima, K.,?Takahashi, R., and Takakura, Y. (2013) Regulation of immunological balance by sustained interferon-γ gene transfer for acute phase of atopic dermatitis in mice. Gene Ther. 20(5):538-544.


An article relevant to?SCLABAR-Real?was published in?Journal of Dermatology.

Tanaka, A., Jung, K.,?Matsuda, A.,?Jang, H.,?Kajiwara, N.,?Amagai, Y.,?Oida, K.,?Ahn, G., Ohmori, K., Kang, K.G., and Matsuda, H. (2013) Daily intake of Jeju groundwater improves the skin condition of the model mouse for human atopic dermatitis. J. Dermatol. 40(3):193-200.


We ran a booth at?the 86th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society.

Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan?
Dates: Mar. 21 (Thu.)-23 (Sat.), 2013

We exhibited?SCLABAR-Real?and?GAITR.


An article relevant to SCLABAR-Real was published in Journal of Dermatological Science.

Matsuda, A., Tanaka, A., Pan, W., Okamoto, N., Oida, K., Kingyo, N., Amagai, Y., Xia, Y., Jang, H., Nishikawa, S., Kajiwara, N., Ahn, G., Ohmori, K., and Matsuda, H. (2012) Supplementation of the fermented soy product ImmuBalanceTM effectively reduces itching behavior of atopic NC/Tnd mice. J. Dermatol. Sci. 67(2):130-139.


We will run a booth at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology.

Venue: Loisir Hotel & Spa Tower Naha, Okinawa, Japan?
Dates: Dec. 7 (Fri.)-9 (Sun.), 2012

We will exhibit?SCLABAR-Real.